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Longer Courses

Two and Three Day Apprenticeship

Week-Long Introduction to Falconry

Become an assistant to our falconers and biologists as you learn all about how we work with our raptors, including nutrition and feeding, biology, training, care and much more. Significant time is devoted to hands-on instruction and practice. You will handle and “fly” several different birds.

Two Days: $250 per person, Three Days: $375 per person ($50 non-refundable deposit) if you cancel within 30 days of booked date)

Please Contact us if you want to join these courses. More courses will be booked as demand requires, we require a minimum of two people to book a course.

This is a Monday-Friday course with some fun evening sessions and covers all the basics you need to work with a raptor. The course includes nutrition, care, housing, legislation, safety, first aid, equipment and more, as well as training – from step one to flying and hunting with a bird. A really fun and intensive, hands-on course designed for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the world of raptors for a  week, or eventually have their own bird.

$765 per person ($100 non-refundable deposit if you cancel within 30 days of the booked date) 

*This class will only run if we have a minimum of 4 participants.