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Wildlife Management

Raptors have long been recognized as an efficient and effective method of problem bird control. At airports, many birds pose a bird strike risk, and are necessary to manage. Raptors are an ideal solution for controlling a variety of species, including: gulls, starlings, dunlin, crows, robins, geese, and other birds.

As natural predators of these (sometimes unwelcome) species, hawks, falcons and eagles are a fantastic alternative to shooting, poisoning or trapping. By using time honoured falconry techniques we are able to successfully and naturally patrol and manage these problematic species.

The Raptors works at a variety of airport settings providing wildlife management, with a focus on using applied falconry techniques. Our trained falcons, hawks and eagles assist in chasing and clearing problem species. We also have experience in a wide variety of wildlife management and consulting, in addition to the falconry programs. We train all of our own birds specifically for this work, and they are experienced in busy airport and industrial settings.

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Check out The Raptors at work – Raptors on Patrol – The  ‘Raptor Program’ at the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) helps keep skies safe for both passengers and birds.